Sports Injury Clinic in Glasgow

The benefits of exercise are well known but exercise and participation in sport can sometimes lead to an injury. Injuries can be divided into acute injuries or overuse injuries.

An acute injury may occur following a direct blow, from falling over or from direct contact with another player. Examples of acute injuries are muscle tears, sprained ligaments or fractures/ broken bones. Overuse injuries usually develop over time and may occur due to a number of factors such as training loads, training surfaces, muscle weakness or lack of flexibility. Examples of overuse injuries are stress fractures, compartment syndrome and tendinopathy.

At Physiologix, our physiotherapists have worked in various sporting environments within Scotland and Ireland as well as travelling overseas to provide cover at tournaments such as Lisa’s trip to Turkmenistan in 2017 to work as one of the international physiotherapists at the Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games. We currently work with various rugby and football squads as well as individual athletes and would be happy to assess any sports injury whatever the age or ability of the injured individual.

Sports Injury Clinic in Glasgow

Sports Massage

Massage has long been recognised for its benefits in healing of mind, body and spirit. The Romans, Greeks and Egyptians are amongst some of the major civilisations who recognised the healing effects of massage. Massage can help to relieve muscle tension and restore balance to the musculoskeletal system.

Sports massage is a popular form of treatment for soft tissue injuries. It usually involves deep tissue massage designed to stimulate the muscular and nervous systems. Massage is not only for athletes. Every day activities can cause a chronic build-up of tension, often around the shoulders and neck and these conditions can benefit from deep tissue work.

Sports Massage in Glasgow

Pitchside Physiotherapy Cover

Many teams use physiotherapists to assist at training/ games. This can be pre-match to assist with the match preparation including strapping/ taping of joints and/or muscles, during the match to provide pitchside care and post-match to assess any injuries and advise on appropriate acute injury management.

Lisa has a current pitchside, medical and cardiac skills qualification recognised by the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh – equivalent to Level 3 course in World Rugby immediate care framework which allows her to provide pitchside cover for many sports.

Please contact the clinic for further details.

Pitchside Physiotherapy Cover in Glasgow

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